This recipe works for chicken, beef, veal or pork (as I used in the pictures). The seasoned bread crumbs measurements are, shall we say, far from exact, so I took pictures each step of the way so you get the idea. I always taste along the way to make sure they are the right flavor. Heavy on the herbs is never bad; heavy on the salt can be deadly. If you mix too much bread crumbs, they will keep in the refrigerator, as long as kept dry, for as long as you need them.


1-1 1/2 lb of meat

Bread crumbs

Grated Romano cheese

Dried basil and mint (2 basil to 1 mint mix)



Fresh parsley


3 Eggs

Oil for frying

First, pound meat until about 1/4 inch thick.

Start with about 2 cups of bread crumbs

Two handfuls of Romano

A handful of basil and mint mix

About 2 tps of salt

About the same for pepper

And a few sprigs of parsley, chopped.

Create a dredging station of flour, egg and bread crumbs.

Dredge meat in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs. Coating is thin, but will expand as fried.

Heat about a 1/4 inch of oil in a deep frying pan on medium high heat. Make sure oil is hot enough to sizzle when meat is added or the coating will absorb the oil and make cutlets heavy. If oil is too hot and smoking, cutlets will burn.

Cook on first side for about 4 minutes or until cutlet moves loosely in the pan.

Cook on the second side for about three minutes or until moves loosely in the pan.

Eat them hot, room temperature or cold out of the refrigerator.